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Thank you for choosing A-RSnippet theme.

Before creating the A-RSnippet theme, I was angry that themes were not easy to modify and source code was hard to understand.

Now I will not do it anymore. I spent several days to finish the first version. Writing documentation required more days. It taught me that every theme requires a big amount of time to complete and every authors’ effort should be respected.

Simplicity does not mean easy or not complicated.

NexT theme seems to conform to minimalism. It has lots of functionalities and customization. It is not easy.

The goal of the theme is to contain as many features as possible. Hence, this is not a simple theme. For example, there will be more than one layout to present project portfolio. Please submit your layout if it is different from mine. There are more features on the way. It will take me a lot of time.

If you like A-RSnippet theme and/or appreciate my time dedicated to the theme, please give a tip to support the development of the theme.

There are three ways:

1. Patreon (recurring, monthly)

GitHub issue section is for issues or future features only. All seek-for-help activity should take place in the forum or Discord.

  • For people who don’t donate through Patreon:

    If you ask a question via Discord, you must use English and write a post in English in the forum to show how you solve the problem. You must send me the link to the post. Otherwise, I will not answer your question(s) in the future.

  • For people who donate through Patreon:

    You will automatically join in a private Discord chatroom. You can ask me any question there.

    There are some benefits:

    1. You can suggest any feature you want. I will create a poll of a list of features to be developed after each release. The polls are shown only to you. The top items will be taken care of first.
    2. You can ask me questions in Chinese or English in the private channel on Discord.
    3. You will not be obliged to write a post in English in the forum. I will do it for you.

2. itch (one-time)

3. Gumroad (one-time)

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